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FastRaceCars.com does revenue sharing the right way!!! Everyone gets a "fair" share of site revenue based strictly upon how many pictures you have on the site as a percentage of total pictures. Other sites that claim to share revenue try to pay you a small percentage of the ad revenue generated by YOUR pictures only. Some of the revenue sharing websites out there also claim to share up to 100% of the ad revenue that your pages generate. What they don't tell you is that they keep all the ad revenue generated from the main website pages such as the homepage, etc. In most cases, these pages are the #1 source of traffic and ad revenue, so the users are really missing out on a ton of revenue sharing. With these other so-called revenue sharing sites, even if you have the best pictures in the world, you might not make anything unless your pictures are the most popular.

We are different. We believe that a rising tide should lift all ships. We also believe that popular and profitable websites should give back to their users. How much have you gotten paid from websites (e.g. facebook, twitter, youtube) that you contribute to lately? With our revenue sharing model, each picture you upload is like owning a share of stock that pays dividends. The more shares you have (as a percentage of total shares), the bigger your dividend will be each month. It doesn't matter if your pictures are popular or not, you'll still get paid your fair share.

Each month, we distribute 75% of ALL site profits back to our users, as long as they have earned $1 or more for the month. As an added bonus, we also currently give up to $2 credit for each approved image that can be used to buy herbal supplements, organic fertilizers, or synthetic oil/filters for your ride.


All uploaded images are subject to approval. To be considered for approval, images should meet or exceed the following guidelines:

  • Images should be approximately 1280 x 960 or higher resolution (original images preferred)
  • Image file type should be .jpg, .png, or .gif
  • No watermarks
  • Image file size at minimum recommended resolution should be at least 200KB or larger
  • No Copyrighted images will be accepted (please do not steal and submit other people's work)
  • The person uploading the images should be the owner and/or photographer

Please allow up to 72 hours for your images to be approved. You will be notified via email upon approval of each image.

You will also earn $2.00 for each approved image. Your earnings can be applied towards the purchase of AMSOIL products, ALTRUM nutritional supplements, and AGGRAND organic fertilizers at http://www.woodsbrosracing.com. Your email address will be used to track the money you have earned. To redeem your earnings, go to the AMSOIL ORDERING page at http://www.woodsbrosracing.com and request a price quote using the same email address that you use to upload your images on FastRaceCars.com. Any credits you have earned will automatically be deducted from your price quote's grand total. Please note that this offer is only available to US and Canada residents.

As the site grows in popularity, you can expect to see other promotions, incentives, contests, and more! We dare you to find another car site that rewards its contributors more than we do!


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